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Christiane F (1981)

Mit zwölf kam sie zum Haschisch, mit dreizehn zum heroin. Sie wurde süchtig, ging morgens zur Schule und nachmittags mit ihren ebenfalls abhängigen Freunden auf den Kinderstrich am Bahnhof Zoo, um das Geld für die Droge zu beschaffen.

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Slaughterhouse five, go us pocus, the picture of Dorian gray, all the kings men, and the Malcolm x autobiography

HEY THANKS YOU’RE AWESOME!!  I’ve read dorian gray! great book :3


Aliki Komps

Melancholic Refuse

Within the iconography and context of psychology, the standard chair is symbolic of comfort." In the domestic space, a chair typically symbolises rest, sitting down and taking a break. 

In an unclear, yet final movement, these chairs have been displaced from their domestic environment. They no longer function as a place of rest. Despite this though, an imprint of the lived body of the owner is undeniably visible on the surface and embedded within the very essence of the chair. 

Discarded, the chairs appear to be melancholic. As if their crookedness, shortcomings and incompleteness has eventuated in abandonment and exposure to the elements. 

But it is in the public space, that the chairs begin to breathe to a different rhythm.  (artist statement)



all the people around me are falling in love and im just here falling asleep


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”





This is what terrifies me about the ocean.

the few times I’ve gone snorkelling this is the most intensely scary but amazing thing about it, the bit where the reef ends and it suddenly just drops off and you cant see the bottom or what’s down there, and you swim over the edge and suddenly your in open water, and you feel so vulnerable like you’re a fish that lives on the reef, and you finally understand finding nemo 

you finally understand finding nemo

It’s like falling off a cliff in slow motion
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you know those people who aren’t obsessed with bands or music or books or movies or tv shows or anything



I want you on every surface in the house.
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